Photo taken at a company retreat in 2017

Photo taken at a company retreat in 2017

Professional Background

I am a problem solver who has been working in a group of international marketing startups since 2011. From 2011 to 2014 I worked the 60+ hour 7-day workweeks that have become typical in early-stage tech startups. I served 5 related companies concurrently as a director in finance, legal, and HR, performing a range of back-office functions as a sort of quasi-CFO. I was fortunate to be in a location-independent role, as I worked from home, living in Boston for 2 years and then Silicon Valley for 1 year, while the companies I helped build were based in London.

In 2014 I experienced health problems and some other significant life moments that led me to re-evaluate how I was spending my time and whether I was trending towards general happiness and life satisfaction. I decided that I wasn't spending enough time on personal development outside of my career and it was time to proactively do something about that. The timing worked out well as one of the companies I helped raise was expanding into the US with a small sales office. So I stepped down into a part-time finance role and began seeking a sustainable lifestyle that could satisfy me long-term.

During my 2-year hiatus, I traveled, I learned, and I grew. I read more and realized how much I still had to learn about myself before I could truly understand how to be happy. I came to know more about my own motivations, which in turn allowed me to make more informed decisions about how to structure my life going forward. I learned how to best incorporate physical fitness and health so that I could chase my goals with a passion. Most importantly, I learned how to develop and maintain personal relationships, which was a skill I was severely lacking previously.

I also took this time to test out a few business ideas - visit the projects page to learn more - and work a few odd jobs to broaden my experience: I wore the hat of a butcher, a tour guide, a roofer, a general handyman, and a course manager for Spartan Race.

Feeling confident that I had figured out which direction I wanted to take in this life, I decided what my best next steps were and took action. In 2016 I stepped back into a full-time role with one of the companies I had helped raise years before, but this time as a business intelligence officer. In this role I have taught myself some basic proficiency in Python and I continue to improve my coding knowledge while learning many other skills required for this unfamiliar role. I very much enjoy self-directed learning and love that this role requires this while also allowing me the freedom to continue traveling, working remotely, and pursuing my other interests. I'm fortunate to work at a company that places such high value on employee satisfaction. If you would like to apply to work at the same company I do, you can check their available roles here.