Soon after landing in Spur, I discovered that the most eager demographic was more the quiet retiree than it was the ambitious youth I personally identified with. To me, the Tiny House community is one of creative adventurers with a strong DIY spirit. I wanted to build my own custom home by hand and I wanted neighbors who did the same. However, most lots in Spur were scattered throughout the town and were selling very quickly to new residents who were for the most part ordering in mobile homes.

Wanting to capitalize on the attention Spur was getting from prospective Tiny House residents, in May 2016 I decided to buy 20 acres 5 miles outside of town and start a community for Makers. The idea was to have a sort of cooperative with 3 guilds sharing a DIY spirit. There would be the Off-Gridders, the Makers, and the Pilots. Collectively, Makerton.

There was immediate interest in the project from all around the country, but I wasn't able to find a team of dedicated partners from my existing network to pull it off. You can read more about Makerton on I will be adding some postmortem pieces over the coming months to share what I learned from the attempt and what I would like to do differently on my next community project.