I seek adventure almost constantly. I've picked up endurance trail running this year and discovered that I'm actually pretty good at Obstacle Course Racing. So I traveled this summer from challenge to challenge and race to race to meet my own personal goal of being my fittest ever when I turned 26. I ran up mountains in Colorado, around lakes in  the Grand Tetons, completed a trifecta weekend at the European Spartan Championship in Andorra, ran an ultra marathon across the Grand Canyon and completed my first Spartan Ultra-Beast in Texas. I don't just chase physical challenges though, I also spent a week in Wyoming to observe the Total Eclipse with a couple of good friends and managed to drive across the country seeing family, twice.

I take remote working to the extreme and look forward to sharing the journey with you all through my adventure blog that will be live this week. I'll explore the constant balance of working a full-time job enjoying the natural world we all inhabit.