Mount Elbert - 14,439 ft - Jul 2015


About Benjamin

A serial adventurer, living life the best way I know how. I work to constantly improve myself, my surroundings, and those around me. One of my personal goals is to expand the number of people I can have a positive influence on, and serve them well.

I have several passions and am actively working towards multiple short, medium, and long term goals. This website is intended to serve 5 such goals.

  1. Document my past and ongoing side projects to showcase the range of skills I am developing and the varied interests I am pursuing.
  2. Document my travel and various aspects of my nomadic lifestyle.
  3. Publish my perspective on the ideas and concepts that I spend a significant amount of time thinking about.
  4. Promote intentional lifestyles and communities and advertise my interest in consulting on intentional communities, startup city concepts, and other social enterprise experiments.
  5. Improve my ability to convey ideas to other humans.

I believe that transparency is a necessary step for accountability, and that the two will together encourage me to follow through on the aspirations I record here at LifeOnThe.Cloud.

I fully intend to set foot on Mars one day, and all major decisions I make in my life right now are to move me closer to that goal.

If you would like to read more about my professional background and how I make a living, you can do so here.